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CCC Cafe



Who said cups and saucers have to match. CCC wanted to create a branding style which was fun, quirky and warm. A hub of chatter. With the cakes and coffee enhancing the show (not taking center stage). This cute cafe would be a place for people to gather. A place where news big and small would be shared. The ideal customer at the CCC believes “there is no such thing as perfection”.

Creating a style guide was fun. Inspiration came from some quirky ornaments, signs, and mismatched tableware. For the logo, the same font was used (Oswald), but in “mismatched colours”, highlighting their quirky nature.  Oswald is a sans-serif font, so without typography flourishes. Making it easy to read from a distance.  With Montserrat used for menus.

For inspiration, I collected images which reflected home-made style cakes with a touch of flourish. Quirky ornaments which subtly catches the eye, sparking a conversation, and plates of food for sharing.

This colour palette is Mulberry, Husk, Contessa, Dusty Gray, Silver Rust, and Cod Gray. The colour and font palette can appeal to a wide audience.

Check out the branding palette and style guide below.


Style: Fun, quirky and warm.


I would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit. No obligations. We will talk through what your requirements are, what ideas you have in mind, the type of customer you want to attract. All over a virtual coffee on Skype. If you are interested send me a message.


Hi I’m Clare. I work with small business owners to make their digital homes look elegant and enticing.Taking clients from website shame to joyful tears of pride. Digital curb appeal, if you will. Previously I worked with big brands, gaining them more clients and making more money through their in-store and online activities. Now using my knowledge of buyer psychology and background in design, I help small businesses develop and grow. I stand for three things in business: Helping others, having fun & looking good (digitally).

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