You love running your business, but you’re not a graphic designer or a web developer. And you don’t have the time, energy or want to learn code or implement a website design. I’d love to help you with that. I offer different levels of customisation to suit all budgets. Plus a great hourly rate for ad-hoc projects.

Web Design

tpc-flourishes-vesica-piscis-100-x-55-1 SETUP & GO

1 week

  • Install WordPress, set up of pages & menus with sample text
  • Install security and spam plugins
  • Install Divi theme, which is fully mobile responsive and uses ‘drag and drop’ (value $69)
  • Basic application of branding – logo, colours, fonts
  • No content loaded
  • 30-minute training call

£250 / $320*

tpc-flourishes-vesica-piscis-100-x-55-1QUICK START

1 week

  • Install WordPress, set up of pages & menus as required
  • Install security and spam plugins
  • Install Divi theme, which is fully mobile responsive and uses ‘drag and drop’ (value $69)
  • Customisation of WordPress & Divi
  • Content loaded with basic styling
  • One round of revisions
  • Launch & 30-minute training session

£750 / $950*

tpc-flourishes-vesica-piscis-100-x-55-1DIGITAL HOME

4 weeks

  • Install WordPress, set up of pages & menus
  • Install security and spam plugins
  • Install Divi theme, which is fully mobile responsive and uses ‘drag and drop‘ (value $69)
  • Application of branding – logo, colours, fonts
  • Customisation of WordPress, Divi & design functionality
  • Page content loaded with custom styling
  • Three rounds of revisions
  • Launch support
  • In-depth training call and post-launch follow-up call

from £2400 / $3100*

* please note conversion rates are approximate and will vary depending on the current rate of $US/£UK exchange.

If you need any additional  elements like an e-commerce website, just let me know in the contact form.


As digital branding covers a wide range of services, I offer bespoke quotes which are tailor to your needs.  Areas of design include – Branding inspiration board,  Custom logo text design,  Brand colour palette, Font combinations,  Brand style guide,  Social media posts, Social media covers, E book design, Opt-in design, Web element design, and Blog graphics

Trust me, you NEED a Clare in your life!

Working with Clare has been a fantastic experience! She really understands what I’m thinking and then goes all out to make it even better than I imagined. She really ‘gets’ what you want and will work hard to make sure it exceeds your expectations. She has a truly thorough understanding of websites and offers her advice to make sure you get the best out of your website. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to everyone! She really is the best you can get. Her ideas, recommendations and her understanding of all the techy stuff, makes her an invaluable resource.

Rachel Penman

Salon Business Coach, UK



What a typical project looks like



How does any relationship start? With a Hello, of course. You send me a message via the contact form here. Let me know an outline (or as much detail as you want) about your idea or project. I get in touch and organise a call on Skype.



We decide we are a good fit. I suggest which package is best for you, or send a bespoke proposal. I’ll outline what you need, what I will do and the deadlines. Once that has been agreed, a deposit is paid, and you are confirmed into the calendar.



I’ll start the background preparation for the project. This involves the technical side and layout design, but I will also be sending you a workbook. It will help you pull together all the copy, photo’s, logo, and other branding elements. If I am also doing the branding, then I will send sending over brand boards and logo’s for you to choose from.



It’s time for me to start creating and building your website. Depending on the package you have decided on, this can take one week or four weeks. As I hit key milestones in the project, I will let you know and keep you updated.



Now it’s time for you to review your new digital home. The number of revision rounds will depend on the package you have selected. Final adjustments and flourishes are made.



Once the final balance has been paid then the live button it pressed. Your website will be out in the world ready for your clients to find. We have a virtual high five. And usually, I have a celebratory cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Something I’ve not found in other graphic artists

Clare created a number of social media graphics for me. When I began I gave her a general sense of graphic types and colors, but admitted that I had no idea as to style, beyond that. I shared with her my purpose and a little about the work I’ve done in the past. From there she came up with designs that were beautiful, authentic to what I was representing and unique. Additionally, Clare asked for honest feedback and was quick to respond when I suggested small changes. Her willingness to work with me and hear my feedback is something I’ve not found in other graphic artists. I would definitely recommend her and her work.

Carmen Isais

Health Coach, AUS